Do you want to sell effectively? Make sure you communicate with those who are supposed to buy from you. Call your customers with Salesforce! With this powerful platform in mind, a new product has been developed that gives your consultants a competitive advantage in managing all communication with current and potential customers. Meet Click2Dial, the proprietary Cloudity and Focus Contact Center solution.

Make phone calls using Salesforce – sell more´╗┐

Are you using the Salesforce platform? Then you are aware of its numerous functionalities and advantages. Now it’s time to add another one – Click2Dial, which will help your salesmen with streamlining their sales processes and will give you full control over everything related to this branch of your business. You will call your customer to close the sale with just one click!

Click2Dial for Salesforce will allow you to get answers to the questions that are asked by any Sales Manager. What happens with incoming leads? How long does it take your salespersons to enter them into CRM? How long does it take the consultants to contact the leads and how many do not make contact with them and simply lose such opportunity? With Click2Dial you will also learn how many times your salespersons talked to your customers and which results it gave in terms of sales of your products or services.

Convenience and efficiency

It is obvious that each customer is different. With Click2Dial you can easily choose the right contact form. A phone call, an SMS, a chat or an email? Reach out to the customer in a way that best suits him or her. What’s more, you can now automatically save data and notes from conversations with your customers directly in Salesforce, and then create tasks to be performed and have a full overview of the status of their completion. How many times have you made a mistake when dialing a number and just wasted your time? Click2Dial allows you to call your customers with just one click – say goodbye to mistakes, welcome the recovered time!

Click2Dial for Salesforce will allow you to take care of the tiniest details of the whole communication between your salespersons and your customers. Each call is recorded, so you can listen to the conversation at any time from the customer card level created in Salesforce. Click2Dial cooperates with the multi-channel communication platform created by Focus Contact Center, and a dedicated system is responsible for the whole logic of handling the interaction with the customer.

Motivation based on numbers

Click2Dial combined with Salesforce is a good motivating tool! After all, what could increase the involvement of your salesmen more effectively than the statistics? The numbers don’t lie – show your consultants the dashboards presenting their communication with customers and see how they motivate themselves to improve their results. Click2Dial also gives you access to many statistics in real time – you can find out how much time a consultant spent on calls on a given day, how many calls made by him/her were rejected, which numbers he/she dialled most frequently and also check the ratio of outgoing to incoming calls. Compare the statistics of all your consultants’ conversations with your Salesforce data and review trends to make sales decisions based on hard numbers.

Click2Dial is available for two flagship Salesforce products: Sales Cloud – a fully configurable CRM that allows you to increase sales through the generation of leads or business analytics (among others) and Service Cloud – an application that allows companies to easily manage customer problems, also through automation of service processes. You can use Click2Dial in both the classic Salesforce and the latest Lightning Experience version.

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