Each contact center is aware of the fact that some outgoing calls will not result in a conversation. However, managers wish the abandonment rate, i.e. the rate of rejected connections, to be as low as possible. Thanks to technologically advanced Salesforce solutions, your call center can reduce rejections to a minimum!

Why do they disconnect?

Why are connections rejected? There can be many answers to this question. The commands of the IVR path are incomprehensible, it is too extensive, and its passage is too time-consuming? Your interlocutor is waiting too long for the connection with the consultant, which may be related to incorrectly configured routing? The reason can also be staff shortages or lack of training of your call center staff, which increases caller queues, and would-be interlocutors start to get impatient and eventually hang up. How to deal with the above challenges?

Most of all – equip your call center with tools that will minimize the risk of losing a customer. Thanks to Service Cloud and Sales Cloud from Salesforce, your consultants will get to know the needs of their interlocutors well and will not waste time on many repetitive activities. In turn, customers will avoid the frustration caused by waiting in a queue! What’s more, thanks to Salesforce you will effectively reach your customers in the manner most suitable for them, thanks to omnichannel communication.

Reach your customers through multiple channels

Each of your customers has different preferences regarding their contact with consultants. The Click2Dial application was created, among others, with the thought of easily reaching them. Thanks to Click2Dial you can customize the form of contact to the customer’s preferences – regardless of whether it is email, SMS, chat or phone. The application uses the logic of the communication platform and integrates perfectly with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, adding its functionality to the Salesforce products used by your call center. You no longer have to call a person who probably won’t answer a call from an unknown number, or send an email to a customer preferring SMS, losing time and money.

This is not the only advantage of Click2Dial: by calling through this application you can present yourself with different numbers. What does it mean? Thanks to this functionality you will reduce the rejection rate of outgoing calls from your call center. Your interlocutor living e.g. in Germany will sooner answer a call from a number from their country than others. What’s more, calling mobile numbers your number can also be displayed as a mobile number, which increases the chances of the caller answering your call.

Transparent reporting

Salesforce is an extensive platform that allows you to generate transparent reports and charts – the so-called dashboards – from a web browser. In addition, by adding Click2Dial to Salesforce, you get insight into all previous communication between your consultants and customers; you can collate conversation statistics, listen to recordings, observe trends and rely on hard numbers before making strategic decisions. You can also easily motivate sales representatives – here in black and white (although the charts are of course colored!), you can see who the sales leader is and who needs additional support. What’s more, Click2Dial allows you to automatically poll your interlocutors, thanks to which you will learn how they assess the work of your consultants. The information obtained in this way will allow you to draw conclusions and improve processes in your call center.

Soon on our blog, there will be another article about the application of Salesforce and Click2Dial in a modern call center! There you will also learn more about the many applications and functionalities!

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