While it is very important to constantly train call center staff and take care of the development of employees’ soft competences, it is most important to make full use of resources and maximizing productivity. Today, we will focus on the technical side of telephone customer service – what makes a contact center employee effective, so that customers on the other side do not feel harassed, but are serviced quickly and efficiently.

Customer experience

Customer experience, i.e. customer experience in relation to your brand is crucial, and your call center has a huge impact on how you will be perceived. Despite some similarities, each of your customers is different and wants you to approach him/her individually. Salesforce products offer this tailor-made approach to the customer. The product, supported by artificial intelligence, allows you to integrate all communication channels in your call center and automates repetitive processes, freeing consultants from tedious tasks. Every customer’s contact with your employees has an impact on your brand’s perception – make sure your customers want to talk to you and speak of you well!

Sales Cloud meaning more sales

To effectively conduct sales activities, it is good to have a tool to personalize the entire process. Your consultants should also have access to software that will organize the collected data and create sales forecasts. And that is why Sales Cloud was created! This application also allows you to easily create transparent reports, thanks to which you can quickly analyze the progress of your team of consultants, draw conclusions and make any necessary changes.

Solve your problems thanks to Service Cloud

If only our customers’ problems could solve themselves … But it is possible! Service Cloud from Salesforce allows you to create communities centered around your products and services so that your customers’ problems – at least the most common ones – can be solved without the participation of consultants! Service Cloud is not only problem-solving. It is also a tool thanks to which you can get to know your customer’s needs and offer them what they really need.

Cloud security

All Salesforce products work in the computing cloud and do not require you to install any software. Therefore, your customers’ data is safer than if it was on hard drives in the company’s headquarters, and you can access it from anywhere in the world. What’s more, thanks to Salesforce, all data collected by your employees will remain in the cloud, which means that they will not be lost forever if a consultant changes their job.

The more you know, the more you sell

Thanks to the joint efforts of Cloudity and Focus Telecom, Click2Dial was created – an application that adds to your Salesforce platform functionalities necessary in a call center and easily integrates with the previously described Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Why is it worth purchasing Click2Dial? Thanks to it, your consultants will save time – they will know everything about your customers – and they will also connect with them by clicking one button on an uncluttered panel. They will also not make mistakes dialing a number because … they will not do it! Click2Dial automatically saves numbers as well as notes taken during the conversation, so that the employee does not miss any detail.

Full insight into your team’s work

Click2Dial makes it possible to record conversations – so you will learn which elements of communication carried out by your employees need to be improved. In addition, Click2Dial gives you insight into numerous statistics – browse dashboards created in Salesforce, and then draw conclusions and improve the work of your consultants. Thanks to Click2Dial you will find out: whether, when and how often they contacted the leads in the contact database, and how many potential customers your company lost forever; how much time did the employee spend talking or how many outgoing calls there were per incoming calls. Observation of trends and access to statistics will be invaluable when making important business decisions!

Soon on our blog there will be another article about the application of Salesforce and Click2Dial in a modern call center! There you will also learn more about the many applications and functionalities of Salesforce!

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