Call center employees face numerous challenges. Some of them are related to the processing of personal data in the context of recent changes in the law, the need to personalize the message or so-called database hygiene. However, there are tools that make the work of consultants easier, the GDPR ceases to frighten, and besides – most importantly – your customers feel that their time is important to someone.

Database hygiene

When we consider the legal changes related to the management of personal data, it becomes clear that consultants must have a single, ordered database with all the available information about a given customer and, above all, consents expressed by them. If you use several registers, your employees simply waste time, and besides, the risk of mistakes increases dramatically, the consequences of which in the context of the GDPR may be painful for a contact center.

Thanks to Sales Cloud by Salesforce, you will create one database and easily maintain order in it, and besides, you will gain insight into the entire history of your call center’s contacts with the customer, so that the consultants will know everything about a given person. Your employees will save time and your customers will not lose their nerves! Thanks to the ordered database, your consultants will not only be more effective but also avoid the frustration depriving them of their willingness to work, which arises from chaos in the databases.

Do we have your consent?

Another worry of call center employees and their interlocutors is the disorder associated with consents to the processing of personal data. With the introduction of new regulations in May 2018, many companies – including, of course, call centers – faced a real challenge. The regulations are so vague and open to interpretation that it is not always possible to say whether the person whom your consultants contact, has actually consented to the processing of his/her personal data.

What is important is that such consent should be expressed for a specific purpose, i.e. in this case telephone contact, and in addition, it must be unambiguous and conscious. As you can see, it is easy to have various interpretations. Penalties imposed by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, resulting from a violation of the GDPR, may be severe and in the case of Polish companies may amount to PLN 100,000. It should obviously be borne in mind that the purpose of the regulation is to increase the privacy of citizens and better care for the security of their personal data, and not to punish companies for violations … However, it is worth taking care of this issue and ensure consistency, security and the ability to easily edit data, thanks to the computing cloud by Salesforce! And it has one more advantage – all information about customers and contact with them will be in your hands – it will not be lost along with the consultants leaving their job.

Several problems, one solution

With a view to the integration with the Salesforce platform, Click2Dial was created – a tool created by Cloudity and Focus Telecom that works with both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Among the advantages of Click2Dial, the ease of creating transparent statistics and reports, and recording conversations should be listed – which gives you full insight into the effectiveness of your consultants – and the ability to efficiently contact the customer through multiple communication channels. Created with the call center in mind, Click2Dial works with a communication platform based on a dedicated system that manages all customer interaction.

Click2Dial automatically retrieves and stores the number of the person who contacts your consultant, which eliminates errors that occur when manually entering the number. The application also automatically saves notes created in the text editor during conversations, so employees will not miss any detail! Click2Dial enables you to automatically obtain – i.e. without wasting your consultants’ time – consent to the processing of customers’ personal data. They listen to the recorded voice messages before connecting to the consultant and if they remain on the line, it is treated as consent to the processing of their data.

Click2Dial is a valuable addition to the complex Salesforce platform. Thanks to it, the work of your consultants will be more effective, and your company will rise to an even higher level of telephone customer service!

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